Changing textures / colours between scenes


I have created a sereis of scenes for a theatre production. I have created lights on truss as components. They are not all copies of the same.

Between scenes I would like the colours of the lights to change. (pretty basic at the minute, need to move further onto better lighting effects, unless anyone has some good tips). Is there a way to change the colours of the lights?

At the moment i think the best way is to make a copy of the round light ‘colour’ and then change, for each scene, and make multiple colies and then hide on each scene. However this would take forever and get prettifying confusing…


Thank you!

Make copies of the light components and make those copies unique. Then give the red ones a “Red” tag and the blue ones a “Blue” tag and turn on tag or the other off for each scene.

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perfect thank you, i was thinking along the same lines, so thats reassuring!

You’re welcome.

And since I did this to illustrate…

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