Changing Sketchup file .skp to .obj

I’m using Sketchup for 3D printer modeling. I would like to change the file from .stl to an .obj file. How do I go about doing that?

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Now that you have edited the thread title, it contradicts the question in the message body.
Do you want to change a
.skp to .obj
.stl to .obj

As you have Make, and may be missing the export to OBJ option, you could try an online converter to convert the STL to OBJ. I just tried this one, and it seemed to work:

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OOPS, sorry, I’ve been changing my .stl files to .skp files, but I’ve learned that I should be changing them to .ojb files. So both are true. The .skp files that haven’t been changed as yet should be changed to the .obj files, but those .skp files that I’ve already changed to the .stl file need to be changed again to the .obj files.