Changing Materials from User-Friendly Interface within a VR Viewer

Hi everyone! I’m wondering if it’s possible to change material files from within a user-friendly VR viewer? I’m working with a client who wants to view his store in VR and change out and experiment with different graphics on different fixtures.

All of the graphics placements in the model would be pre-set, and the client would have the specific dieline files for each fixture so that the mapping would remain consistent.

The long way to do this would be to swap out the materials from within Sketchup, and just update the model in Shapespark (or another VR viewer) for the client. But he’d like to be able to change out the graphics himself from within the VR viewer.

If it’s not possible on Sketchup, is there another platform we could build this on?

Thank you for your time!

Twinmotion has some kind of functionality for changing materials in VR - maybe give that a look.
Otherwise - maybe some kind of template that someone has made in Unreal engine might already exist for this.

In Enscape VR the operator of SketchUp can make changes as the user is in VR - but not he VR user themselves.

Both VR Sketch and Simlabs Sketchup VR plug-ins allow for in VR material changes.

VR sketch might work for you. Allows follow-me components.

Also, Simlabs has a plug-in too,
Simlabs, is a photo ray trace and has moving water materials that can be applied. But I found the scene floats/moves a bit when viewing in the VR