Changing line colour on one component of the model

Hi, is it possible to change the line colour on one component in my 3D model? When I try do change one components colour to red - all the lines in my model change to red. Thank you.

Set the Edge Style to By Material in the Style tray, the edit the component and paint the edges red. Easily done by changing to wireframe and painting them.

Slightly different on Mac but the theory is the same.
GIF 12-03-2024 10-31-51 PM

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thank you so much for the step by step instructions. I obviously did something wrong when I tried as I did get the read outline but the rest of my model went all …weird… so will try this! thanks :slight_smile:

Hi, I’ve been able to change to component I need to red outlines, but at the same time in this mode, all the rest of the model has now got various multicolour outlines too now… also in wireframe mode my trees look not very good - they are invisible.
Does one need to stay in wireframe mode to see the red outlines (I’m sure this is a silly question), and if so, any recommendations on slightly more legible trees…
thank you!

Hi again, I should actually have posted my two questions on one as I’m am guessing it is not possible to show hatches (simple black dots or lined hatch) and ref outlines for one component.

Also I am having difficulty editing the scale of the hatch and there appears to be no size editing mechanism that comes up on my current interface.

Any advice would be appreciated

. Thank you again.