Change tag on components

I have set a tag to a component. I copy it and want to change tag on the copy. But the first tag given “won´t give up” - I have tried to change the copied component to first “untagged” and then to the new tag where it should belong - but I just don´t get rid of the first tag - it seems to overrule any new attempt… Do you understand my problem? What am I missing out to make it work?!

Are you changing the tag in Entity Info? Have you given the contents inside the component a tag, too, by mistake? Can you share the .skp file so we can see what you’ve got going on?

Yes on first question.
Second no - if I open up group where the copies are placed and open up the component it is untagged in entity info.
How do I share?

Save the file and the drag the .skp file into a reply here.

Askåker.skp (8.7 MB)

It is the bushes that are as a hedge - now defined as “insynsskydd”

The bushes around the parking I have tried to change - I have not tried to change the hedge… yet…

I don’t know what tag you want to give them so I just used Tag1. Coffee isn’t made yet so I can’t read Swedish. :wink:

On those first ones I did, the group containing the bushes is untagged. You could assign a tag to the group but the bushes would still have the insynsskydd tag so turning off the visibility for that tag would make them disappear, too. This is actually very powerful but it can lead to unexpect results if you don’t know about it.

Oh thank you - No lunch yet so I am a bit slow…
What happens if you turn out “3D träd insynsskydd” will tag1 still be visible?

Only the bushes I didn’t touch disappear.

Oh yes - now I got it to work - but to be honest I am not sure what I made differently… Will try on the hedge and arbor also…

Thank you!

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Good deal. If you had given a tag to the group containing the bushes, turning off “3D träd insynsskydd” would still result in them disappearing.

OK - so I not only need to do a group - but also to mark content in group and give the tag I want them to have… would never have figured that out myself- so thank you :slight_smile:
Guess stronger things than coffee might be needed to learn Swedish…

Well, maybe. It depends on what you want to accomplish. The group could remain untagged and only the bushes inside get a tag as they did in my first GIF. Or you could give the group a tag and leave the bushes untagged. Either way, you could control the visibility of the bushes with the use of that tag.

The neat thing about tags and nested groups/components is that you can use different tags for each nest. You might have a tag for whatever is Swedish for “parking lot bushes” that you assign to the group of bushes and have another tag for “all bushes” (again in Swedish) that you assign to all of the bush components. If you want to hide only the parking lot bushes you turn off that tag. If you want to hide all of the bushes you can do that in a single click of the eye for “all bushes”.

You could be right although I’m Norwegian by marriage and I do have a little of the Scandinavian.

Listening to Norwegian can make any grey day sunny.

Thank you for your help.

A completly different question. My memory is good but very short. Do you have any tip on how I can download your short clip on how you do the different moves in order for me to save and be able to find the instructions again on my computer?

My bride will like that. Thank you.

And you’re welcome.

I expect you should be able to right click on my GIF’s and choose Save image as…


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Caught you

Yes. You caught me. :wink:

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