Change Model Author Name

When I claim author credit for a model it says Paul M.

I don’t recall how I ended up with that but I would like it to be Paul McAlenan but I just can’t work out how to change it.

I’ve checked SketchUp help.

It seems I have two Trimble accounts - one associated with a free SketchUp account and another with my Pro subscription account.

The installed SketchUp is a classic license 2021 version.

The free account, I sign in via a Google account.

Nowhere - either the Google account or Trimble accounts - can I find the name Paul M.

hello, this must be a thing with classic licences. I get the same (literally :slight_smile: Paul M. )

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might be a registry setting or a user name? and likely a “classic license leftover™” :slight_smile:

I think it was once ‘hardcoded’ with the 3D Warehouse upon creating the account. Than this would be connected to other databases like the tpaas Trimble ID’s in the backend.
Maybe @TheGuz or @ChrisDizon knows?

Thanks Mike, I just checked my 3D Warehouse account that I log in via Google and, indeed, it says Paul M.

Currently on my Android tablet and phone using Chrome, if I click on Edit Profile it opens up a new blank tab.

But signing into Warehouse with my subscription Trimble account, which also says Paul M., Edit Profile works and I have successfully changed my display name to my full name.

I’ll see if the update propagates through to SketchUp…