Where can I set sketchup charset

Hi there

Is there an option to set the charset sketchup is supposed to use?


It is good to textually describe the problem or what you want to achieve. Your screenshot shows the Credits section of Model Info with the author name “Sébastien” instead of probably “Sébastien”. This is a bug and something you neither should be forced to nor want to configure on your own.

The question is where this comes from (and a screenshot can’t tell that).

  • Did you claim credits on this model or did you download someone else’s model from 3D Warehouse?
  • Was the username inserted and stored in 3D Warehouse already in the wrong encoding or is it just displayed in the wrong encoding? Find the author in 3D Warehouse.
  • Is SketchUp theoretically able to display the name correctly? Create either 2D text or a component with name or description “Sébastien” and see. Then changing SketchUp’s charset wouldn.t have an effect.

Thanks you for your help.

I’m the actual author of this Sketch. My user name on 3D warehouse is correct (although I needed to change it manually because I had the same problem)

Anywhere else in the software the Charest seems to be correctly set, but I can’t find where to manually set my username in Sketchup

It could be that there was a problem in the transition from the old to the new 3D Warehouse (2014).

  • Did you create your username recently or before the new 3D Warehouse?
  • Did you upload the model and claim credit on it recently or before the new 3D Warehouse?

It could be that the username is saved to the database in the wrong encoding.

It could be that the username was transfered to the SketchUp application in the wrong encoding when you logged first in and claimed credit. Then it was stored in the model (where it is not updated when you change it in your 3DWH profile).

  • Does this happen for all your models or only selected ones?
  • When you create a new model (of a box), claim credit and upload it, then open a new file and download it into it, do the credits display correctly?
  • Can you go to the “Edit Profile” page in 3D Warehouse, change your username and change it again to “Sébastien D.”. Then logout in SketchUp and login again.
  • When you now create a new model, claim credits, upload it and redownload it, do the credits display correctly?

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