Change from sketchup pro to sketchup studio when your sketchup pro subscription is available for 1 more year

I would like to use scan essential, but i don’t want to by sketchup pro again, since my sketchup pro subscription is still available; how can i do?

I would contact the Sales team, or your local reseller. I understand that you get a refund when switching to Studio. I also understand that the Scan Essentials can be subscribed separately, if you don’t need other Studio apps (V-Ray). The Studio price is reasonable only if you need both Scan Essentials and V-ray.

thank you, can you give me the link to the sales team?

You can go to your own account management page and do the upgrade without help from sales. One thing to know is that it converts the remainder of your subscription time to Studio. For you, I think that would mean you would pay the difference between four months of Pro and four months of Studio, then in April it would renew for the next 12 months at the yearly Studio rate.

This article shows how you do the upgrade:


If you purchased Pro through our website, you will need to self serve your upgrade via the Account Management Portal "Plan Settings" area. This should pro-rate pricing for you.

If you purchased Pro through a rep or through the reseller channel, you will need to upgrade through a rep or channel reseller.