Change a single Viewport's link

Is there a way, to change not only the view a viewport is using, but also the file it is linking to?

I see that under document setup>References i can relink a whole file. But this changes the file for all viewports using this link.
I want to change the link only for the selected viewport.

What i have is an existing conditions model, and a proposed-one.
Now it would be easyer to stack the two, if i could just copy the viewport, and then select a different link-file to overlay the existing and proposed.
Similar as i already do for stacking lines and hatch, where i copy the viewport and change the scene on one of them.

I think you’ve asked this before. You’ll have to delete the viewport and insert a new viewport from the other SKP file.

Thanks & Sorry. Yes it felt like deja-vu, but i did not find that post. I guessed it was one of the questions that never left my mind…

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Sorry to drag up an old thread but I stumbled across this while wondering the same, and have found a solution I think.

I also use separate an existing and proposed model, with identical Scenes.
I want to organise the existing viewports on the page and then, rather than do it all over again for the proposed ones, copy/paste and relink the copies to ensure that all the viewports and titles are identical in both size and position on the page.
To achieve this:-
Open a separate layout document with the page size and orientation.
Organise your viewports as you wish in your original document.
Copy and paste to the separate layout document, Relink the viewports in the separate file.
Cut and paste them back to your original document.

hope this still works for your purposes, a year late…

Thanks for sharing this solution - I think it will speed up my workflow in a bunch of situations :grinning:

Just stumbled on the YT video on the topic this morning…

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