Change a single Viewport's link


Is there a way, to change not only the view a viewport is using, but also the file it is linking to?

I see that under document setup>References i can relink a whole file. But this changes the file for all viewports using this link.
I want to change the link only for the selected viewport.

What i have is an existing conditions model, and a proposed-one.
Now it would be easyer to stack the two, if i could just copy the viewport, and then select a different link-file to overlay the existing and proposed.
Similar as i already do for stacking lines and hatch, where i copy the viewport and change the scene on one of them.


I think you’ve asked this before. You’ll have to delete the viewport and insert a new viewport from the other SKP file.


Thanks & Sorry. Yes it felt like deja-vu, but i did not find that post. I guessed it was one of the questions that never left my mind…