I am having ptoblesm turning layers on and off in the Skethcup. I try to click them on or off but nothing happens.

Do you mean Tags? There are no layers in SketchUp.

Share the SketchUp file so we can see what you are working with.

If I had to bet I’d say that tags are being used wrongly. Faces and edges must be untagged.

Yes tags is what I meant- thanks

Here is a remodel I am working on,

I meant tags , not layers.

And did you get it sorted out?

Probably not a good idea to reply with your signature stuff from your e-mail. Bots and others troll forums like this for phone numbers and addresses.

It would be more helpful if you share your .skp file.

Thanks for the tip on my address. No, I did not sort it out. I never had a problem before in all my years of using Sketchup. I thought it might be a glitch in the latest Sketchup 23.



I have never had a problem before. Maybe a glitch in Sketchup 23?


If you share the .skp file we can help you determine if that is the case.

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I edited your responses.

Share your actual file. No one can help just by looking at a picture of your model.

Hard to know without giving a look to the file.

Here you go


Armstong exisiting BASIC WALLS 9-11-23.skp (5.9 MB)

here you go



Armstong exisiting massing 9-12-23.skp (5.9 MB)

There are a bunch of edges that have been tagged. This will create the issues you describe. I fixed that and purged unused stuff from your model.
Screenshot - 9_13_2023 , 11_22_34 AM

Screenshot - 9_13_2023 , 11_22_53 AM

Armstong exisiting BASIC WALLS 9-11-23 purged.skp (5.8 MB)

Thanks, Dave!!!

You taught me something new. Could you please send the fixed model back to me?


You’re welcome.

I included it in my previous post already.

Thanks again. Got it. You can tell I am new to this.

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I am having trouble in Sketchup 2023 with the scenes tab and “camera location” on/off .

My mouse freezes when I try to write a new scene into the scene bar tab. And the camera location check box takes around 10 seconds to respond to on/off. I opened the file in all my older Sketchup versions had no problem. I wonder what is going on with Sketchup 2023. It is very frustrating and time consuming.

Thanks for any help.

green base 9-25 -23 for sketchup forum.skp (7.51 MB)

Where are you trying to add the new scene name? That should be done in the Scenes panel.

I note incorrect tag usage in your file. Untagged should be left as active.
Screenshot - 9_25_2023 , 7_55_53 PM
Fixing the incorrect tag usage results in this.
Screenshot - 9_25_2023 , 7_56_17 PM

You can also add a scene by doing a right click on an existing scene tab (on top of the Modelling Window).

The new scene will be created after the one on which you right clicked. The new scene will inherit all the parameters of the one on which you right clicked.

Of course, you can change all that by using the Scene Dialog Window shown by DaveR.

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