Category trouble

So now that I am a Top Contributor, I often see posts about things like V-Ray (which I know comes bundled w/SketchUp Studio) that are in
sketch or image_2021-07-05_112904.
Do I put it into image_2021-07-05_113003 or do we have a
image_2021-07-05_113313 category?


Yes there is a dedicated top category for Rendering and other post processing questions.

… and inside this, there is a dedicated subcategory for Vray …

I suggest you set your landing page to the Categories listing in your forum profile.

The reason is because there is no top level category explicitly named “Rendering” that members can clue in on. I’ve repeatedly asked and politicked for one because it is obvious it’s needed. But despite the obvious the category got an amorphous name that does not help people know where to post.

See my meta poll topic …