Car design help

I have been doing my homework on that as well, certainly have seen a few very detailed tutorials for blender, however the interface scares the hell outta me lol

With the launch of V2.8 its all very much simplified these days. If you can put the time in you can pick it up in a few weeks. I was up and running in about 1 weekend, its still slower than SketchUp in the most part but its very good for curves.

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I’ve been debating the download of blender, I may have to give it a try at this point, but then will come the transfer to SketchUp. I do know my chassis design process will be much simpler in SketchUp no doubt.

I guess the Ferrari video had made me hopeful that maybe I could manage the new skills in a limited amount of time and I could just stay in the program I’ve been utilizing for a long time. Love ya SketchUp but I think I’m gonna have to bring in an extra partner lol