Can't sign in to any of SketchUp's things

it shows me this. but where do i sign in???

See this thread:

Are you still using SketchUp 2017 Make?

yes im using make, but im trying to sign into the warehouse on web (bc warehouse on make not working)

The 3D Warehouse doesn’t support SketchUp 2019 or earlier. It hasn’t supported Make for nearly a year.

oh. i left sketchup in late 2019
didn’t know there was this change.
also, do i clear ALL browser cache?

Yes. You do.

The problem you’re showing has happened to various people, including some using 2022. For several of those people they were using an ad blocker, and had to go into the ad blocker settings and whitelist and

Ah, thanks.
As it turns out, my device had a VPN on.

VPN works as an ad blocker?

Regardless, why does an ad blocker block out the login stuff?

I think that it’s blocking a redirect. You are signing into, and it picks up details for Or something on those lines.