Can't seem to apply image as finish to concave surface, convex face works only somewhat better

In skp file shield.skp (968.6 KB)
I’m working on the item with the blue ring around it but have included other views to help show situation.

Upper item - flat surface image applies to both surfaces no problems.

Right item - shows result I get applying image to concave surface. There is no “texture” function available in menu to “position” or “show as projected”. Only way I’ve found to get “texture” on menu is to activate hidden geometry but then “texture” only works with one facet at a time (can’t group position all as one item).

I’d like to apply image to under concave side of item with blue ring.

What am I missing? TIA

here’s an image


Apply the texture on the faces and not on the group.

mihai.s Thanks for the fix, worked great. I had gotten quite frustrated trying to figure it out. Tried your method and it went right on so decided to undo all and try method I had been using and then it worked also. So still not quite sure what I may have been doing wrong.

There was kind of a 2nd part to my problem. After getting finish applied it wasn’t positioned correctly but couldn’t reposition from menu as “Texture” option was missing again. In your example it was positioned correctly. I finally guessed that you might have copied my flat disk above and sampled finish from that and applied directly below which did position correctly for me then.

On the flat disk I was able to use “position” and had positioned it to my liking from the menu but after the finish is applied “position” was just never available as an option on the domed disk. So still not quite sure how to position finish on a curved surface.

orbsphere , if your going to do much of this sort of thing check out “ThruPaint” it’s part of the “Fredo6 Fredo Tools” plug in. Gives more flexibility for texturing.

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Read this:

mihai.s Really appreciate your help and sticking with me to resolve.

Your refered post is pretty much same conclusion as I came up with while trying to work this out.

The big question that remains is how one positions an image being applied as a material to a curved surface? Though not really explained I was able to solve by making a guess and working backwards from the animation you supplied.

What I did was apply the image to a flat circle adjacent to (directly above as per your anime) and of same size as the domed item I’d be working on and positioned the material there how it was supposed to be. Then sampled the finish there and applied to the dome. Came out perfect. Not sure if there might be some easier/other way. I recall seeing the Coke label applied to a cylinder vid. many times but don’t recall that it had to be specifically positioned.

If anyone’s curious I’ve uploaded the complete model under my Username Keyword #fabric_shaver

tuna1957 Thanks for the extension suggestion. Will keep in mind and definitely use if/when needed. I’m kind of a SOtP kind of guy trying to use only native tools as much as possible but I do have some Fredo Tools already installed but wasn’t aware of the one you suggested.

Thanks, All