Can't receive email

Can’t no longer receive email when users like or comment my model.How it can be fixed.

click edit profile, or settings then

check preferences then

at bottom of page, Manage my privacy settings…

Thank you for wanting to help me. By following your advice, two choices are presented to me: Sign me up-Unsuscribe. Which choice to make to solve my problem. Thank you for answering.

(sorry, misread and gave instructions related to this forum)

Hover over your user icon or click on it to open a pull-down menu. Select 3D Warehouse Settings. It should take you to your profile page. There, make sure the gear in the left-hand column is highlighted (it should be by default since you selected “3D Warehouse Settings”). In the Preferences section right next to the gear should be all of your Email Notifications preferences.

Hi! Thank you for your help. I used to receive emails when someone likes or comments on a model. But as of June 1st I don’t receive any more. That’s what I want to fix now.

I invite you to look at my work.

It’s very important for me to see who likes or comments on my works.