Can't move objects vertically

I’m sure this has been covered, but I can’t seem to be able to move an object vertically. Holding down the up arrow on my computer does nothing, nor does holding down the shift key. It also doesn’t work to move my cursor along a vertical line or surface. The object moves in every direction but vertically.
Any help is appreciated.

What is the object? Is it a component? Did you make it or download it? Your problem could be that the object is set to glue to surface it’s on.

Yes, right click on the object and see if ‘Glue to’ can be disabled.

Otherwise it could be a DC (dynamic component) that has a fixed Z-value.
See its component’s attributes for its fixed z-value.

Thank you for your replies.
The “object” is a floor of a building with objects downloaded from the 3D warehouse and modified
I’ll do what you suggest.

Yep, if it’s downloaded my money is on glued. As @g.h.hubers suggested, right click on the thing you want to move and select “unglue”. You may need to go deeper in nested components to find glued object.

Thanks again for your help.
Since I was trying to raise a floor that’s full of various objects downloaded from the 3D Warehouse, I right-clicked on each one, but the “unglue” command never appeared. Then I made the whole thing a group and right-clicked again. That time there was the “unglue” command to select. I did this and was able to move the whole thing vertically. Then I ungrouped it and kept working.

Did the problem arise because I created this floor on top of another layer - an imported aerial view of the site?