Can't move images along red axes

Hi Guys,

When I try to put an image on a surface (I’m a starting exhibition stand builder) so the customer can see what it’s stand will look like with the desired design, I constantly have difficulties in moving images along the red axis. The green or blue axis work fine, also when i lock the move along one of them via the left or up arrow key, but the right arrow key or moving along the red axis is constantly troubling me.

I look forward to a solution.

Many thanks in advance


It dpends how you brought the image into the model, but try Right Click and see if you have Unglue as an option.


Okay, for now it looks as if it works! I have been freakin’ out on this :stuck_out_tongue:

I noticed only a few minutes ago that the problem always is moving the image away from the surface on which I initially put it. Solved now!


Yep, that is the screaming clue that “glue-to” has been set. In some operations it gets set by default without an explicit choice on your part. This can create very confusing behavior until you learn about the symptoms!

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