Can't login in to Trimble connect

I can’t log in to trimble connect on the desktop app.
When I log in it says that it an error has occured connecting to the server.
Can anyone help?

Screenshot 2022-04-27 143430

You’re using SketchUp 2016 Make?

Have you setup an account with Trimble?

Yes I have used the online version with a Trimble account.

Try clearing your browser caches and then try signing in again.

It’s the desktop app that isn’t working though?

What are you trying to do in SketchUp 2016 Make with Trimble Connect?

Why are you still using that ancient version?


There were changes made some years ago that affected the links such that things like Trimble Connect, the 3D Warehouse, and other web pages won’t work with 2016.

Try using SketchUp 2017 Make instead.