Can't Launch SketchUp for Web

I was able to login in earlier today and use sketchup for web to open files and convert to/from autocad, but now I get a black screen with this message. I have closed the window. I have closed the whole browser (I use Safari.) I do not see the point of restarting my computer. Is there something going on with SketchUp servers?

And when I try to refresh the window, I get this:

That is an even worse option for me. Once I log in, the next page I see is very different from what I have seen before. And it does not list a single product under my profile. Weird. I do know that there are two profiles under my name. One is linked to a free account from a long time ago. Maybe that is what your long cut/paste link ended up sending me to? Not sure what is happening.
I signed out of the other tab I had open. I signed back in a got the familiar next window.

I know that clicking on the top profile gets me to my pro products.
But when I click though and again try to launch SketchUp for Web, I get the same failure as I posted above. Glad it works for you though.

I am switching to Chrome. Problem solved. I was able to open SketchUp for Web. I wish Safari and SketchUp worked more consistently together.