Can't install Vray plugin

I want to install the Vray plugin so that I can do some renders with my work, however when I get to the part where I choose my install location, it tells me it can’t install because there is no plugin folder. I look up this issue, and all of the people responding to the OP say that the plugins folder is in “Library > Application Support > Google SU# > plugins” although, when I go to my Library (or any similar type library ie: System > Library or just Macintosh HD > Library) there is no Google SU# folder there that exists. I’ve tried reinstalling sketchup but the only folder it gives me is a “Sketchup 2013” folder that exists within the “Applications” folder. What can I do to install Vray?

I’m using a macbook pro, OS X version 10.9.2 with Sketchup 2013.

That’s the old paths. Since Trimble bought SketchUp from Google in 2012 the paths no longer reference “Google”.
We have also changed over the time where the plugins are located, from a machine global position to a user local position:

By the way, you might have to make sure to you have a VfSU installer compatible with the SketchUp version you are installing to. You might want to check with V-Ray support on this one.

Thanks for the info, but I still can’t install Vray. Using the plugin warehouse tool on Sketchup to find and download Vray takes me to the same path I already took to install Vray earlier. The problem is that in my Application Support folder, there exists no Sketchup folder, or Google Sketchup folder, or any sort of sketchup/google related folder that could possible contain the plugins folder. How do I fix this?

I would recommend you contact ChaosGroup support for help with their installer.

It sounds to me like you are downloading and running the V Ray for Sketchup 2013 version. Because of the changes made to Sketchup between the two versions you will need to download the V-Ray for Sketchup 2014 version at

The user mentioned he was using SU2013 though.

Sorry, I am on my phone today. I must’ve missed that. The same could be said if they are trying to install the V-Ray for SU2014 version on SU2013. The installers are specific to the version of Sketchup you are working on because of the changes made to Ruby between 2013 and 2014

What do you mean “where”? simply searching “vray for sketchup mac” will not give you where you can get them?
if you are implying that you are trying to find a place to get it by non-legitimate way, because you are a poor student who can’t afford one, I think you are at a wrong place.

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