Can't Import My Company's Materials Folder To SketchUp 2024 For Mac

I am having issues importing my company’s specific materials folder/files (.skm) into SketchUp. I was able to import our company specific components but the materials aren’t able to import.

I read the user guide called “Adding Colors and Textures with Materials” but the instructions did not seem to work as advertised. The original files and folder system was set up using a PC, if that helps someone troubleshoot this issue. I am the only user in my company using SketchUp for Mac. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.


How is the structure of the main folder?
On Windows, you can nest materials collections (eg. Brick\Pavement etc)
On Mac you can only have one level.

Hey @MikeWayzovski. Thanks for the heads up on that. Yes, the main folder has nested categories like you had mentioned so let me see if I can make a copy and just put all of the materials in a new main folder. I appreciate you taking the time to help me out.

Hey @MikeWayzovski. I just tried a test using only a root folder and no sub folders/collections for my materials and it still won’t let me import them. But thanks for your help

New ‘lists’ only show up on Mac when exiting the app and then restarting.
(Provided that you have added the folder(s) to the right location on the Mac, which can be found in the Model Info panel,Files tab, Materials)

Thanks @MikeWayzovski! I got it all figured out now. I really appreciate your help.