Can't get protractor tool to make guidelines

I’m trying to use the protractor tool to make a guideline on a perpendicular. Sketchup says to press Ctrl to toggle guides, but nothing seems to change when I press Ctrl. After clicking where I want the guideline, it just disappears once I move the mouse. What am I doing wrong?

I’m trying to use this technique to find the center of a circle that has been broken into segments:

Go to View and make sure guides are ticked on.

Where do I do that? I’ve never heard of guide locks before.

It will look different on Mac, but…
GIF 28-05-2022 3-01-17 PM

Doesn’t that just make the guides visible, rather than locked?

I have that option always enabled, so that’s not my problem.

Edit: for some reason, I read your post as “make sure guide locks are on”.

I never mentioned ‘locks’

Sorry, I don’t know what I was thinking. Anyway, guides are enabled. I can see the guide when I use the tool, but when I click away, the guide disappears.

While off doing something else it occurred to me what you may be doing.
The protractor needs a start and end point, if you only click twice you are just creating the start point and that will go if you don’t choose a finish point.
See here how I click the midpoint to position, then the endpoint to get the starting angle then the magenta to finish.
GIF 28-05-2022 4-00-58 PM

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