Can't get a face to appear

Hello all,
Novice here. Trying to get “X” beam created between two uprights however not all faces appear.

eating table.skp (30.1 KB)

Need more information to be able to help you.

Please correct your profile - there isn’t a Web Free version 2017. It’s either Web Free (with no year) or the desktop version Make 2017.

And search for how to identify your graphics card, and update your profile with that information.

Please upload your file to the forum. Download it first, if you ARE using the free web version, then drag it into your next post.

Your model has a number of problems. If you temporarily move the diagonals for the “X” beam, you’ll see you are missing edges. If you look more closely you’ll also find that edges aren’t coplanar so without adding edges to create triangles you won’t get faces.

Really you should have made a component of one of those X braces before starting to model the other.

In addition you have problems with the legs and other parts of your geometry. For example it appears that you opened the leg component and copied the geometry to make the other leg instead of copying the component itself. And you have two copies of the leg component overlapping each other.

Here I’ve reworked your model. compare it to yours which I left in the background.
eating table reworked.skp (59.0 KB)