Can't generate face when lines not coplanar to axes

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Newbie here - I need to create rendering of a shield and can’t figure out why Sketchup won’t read my closed shape as a face. Lines are on the same plane, but lines are not parallel to any axes as they are on the diagonal. Any recommendations are appreciated. Maybe there is an easier way to do this?

Right now I basically have what is a birds eye view of the object I want. Trying to push/pull it upward for a 3D shape. Thanks!

I’d think the “elbow” vertices are off plane. Post the model as shown.

I can’t tell - they look as though they are on the same plane to me. Is there a simple way to check this? I have posted the file. Thanks Dan

shield 2.skp (107.2 KB)

The edges fail to form faces because they are not in the same group context. A face can only use edges that are in the same context. If you explode your groups (it isn’t clear why you thought you needed them) you can retrace an edge and the face will form. A gif showing how the various edges are in different groups.


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Go here to start to learn ho to use SketchUp

This worked! Thank you very much for taking the time to help.

Thank you for the resource.

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