Can't find the way to make a sketch up diagram

id take any help from anyone thanks :slight_smile: !

Start here:

then what

it brought mutiple things to click

click one of the images to see the lessons in that category

did not say how to make a new one oh and im a total noob

You need to spend some time learning to use the software. The link I posted will help. You can also look at the Sketchup YouTube channel. Watch the Square One videos.

how do you make a new project thats what i meant

Open SketchUp and start modeling.

is this not sketch up

Youโ€™re posting in a forum that is related to using SketchUp. This is not SketchUp itself.

ok then what would i put to get to it in the search bar and thanks for all the help

You should have asked this in the first place. Save us a both a lot of time.

ya sooooo sorry