Bro... how do i even create stuff when there no button to click that takes you to the 3d stuff

its hard to explain but i wanna create stuff ut i don’tknow how or where to find the button to click on im kinda just stuck looking at my screen not knowing what to do or whats going on.

Bro… start here:


What version of SketchUp are you actually using? You put “orange” in your profile which is nonsense. If you want help, put in the correct information.

What do you mean by “there no button to click that takes you to the 3D stuff”?

You can learn to create your own models. We could direct you to instructional materials if we knew what version of SketchUp you are actually using. Fix your forum profile and provide useful information.

i don’t know im new to this

Look at The SketchUp You Tube Channel, to get ideas how to start. Look at the Squareone series.

Here’s a helpful video