Can't download a model from 3D Warehouse

Hi. I am trying desperately to download a model from Warehouse. Every time I have tried to log in I get a message about cookies being disabled. They are not. I have followed all the advise given. I have closed down all tabs in my browser, quit the browser, changed browser, cleared histories, restarted Sketchup, restarted my laptop. The message stays the same. Time after time after time. Help please. MacBook Air. OSX 10.7.5 Sketchup 8.0.16845

Hello, please check out this forum post about changes that will effect SketchUp 8 users. I recommend that you upgrade your SketchUp 8 version.


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Try downloading from Safari. Also, try Safari->Preferences and look at Cookies and Web Site data and click on the details button. Are sites listed? Is one of them

@Barry, what versions of which browsers are supported by Trimble 3D warehouse?
is there a link for that?

We have to support, as best we can, any browser in a supported version of SketchUp. SketchUp 8 is no longer supported. Google and Apple do not support this environment, so we’re somewhat tied there as well. See Safari version history - Wikipedia and that 10.7 is Lion, for which Apple ended Safari support for in 2014. @john_drivenupthewall, if it’s a supported version of SketchUp, we’ll do our best to support 2015 and 2014 (within the limits of Microsoft and Apple for OS, and Google for features involving Maps and Street View).

So you’re running an unsupported browser on an unsupported version of SketchUp. My suggestion, if you can’t upgrade, would be to download the latest Chrome and download via the browser.