Can't click Walk button

Hi there,

Good day !

anyone can help me out?
walk tool shows up but unable to click it.
wanna create scenes , do a walk through then export to video file.

kindly help me out , good guys out there!

Thank you & much love !

The ‘Walk’ tool is only available when your model is in ‘Perspective’ mode. Your screenshot shows the model in ‘Parallel’ viewing mode.


Thank you so much buddy !

yeah it works after changing it to Perspective view.
Happy New Year my dear friend.

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You’re welcome. Also happy and healthy new year.

If you prefer a view more towards parallel projection and also have the option to ‘Walk’, you could set a lower ‘Field of View’, say an angle of 15 degrees instead of one in the range of 35 to 70 degrees (more pleasant to model)