Can't choose "No" on Load directly into your Sketchup Model

Hi Lovelies,
Usually when I download from the 3D warehouse the pop up asks:
“Load this directly into your SketchUp model?”
and I always answer No and choose a directory destination for the component.
Since the last SU update when I choose this option it ignores it and downloads it directly into my active model.
Not ideal.
Any ideas how to tweak this? Many thanks in advance for illumination :bulb:

That’s odd. I see the same thing. I think there’s a bug. Hmmmm… @trent , any thoughts?

Thanks, by the way. I’ve never been called Lovely before. :smiley: I’ve had people say, Oh, lovely! In the way Onslow would say, “Oh, nice!”

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Huh, Could be a Windows thing? Mac behavior is as expected, I can still “Just say no”.

There is a bug report on this, being looked at. Don’t know when a fix will be ready.

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Eeeek, was really hoping that this issue would be fixed with 2021, but doesn’t seem to be. Any news on when it might be?

Hi Colin,

Is there anywhere I can track the progress on this bug squash?
It’s driving me slowly mad(der)…