Can't assign geometry to a tag

Don’t really know how to explain the issue.


Entity Info says the geometry is on the Upper floor tag but as you can see, that tag is hidden.

Modern house.skp (14.5 MB)

Attach the model.

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You have a whole bunch of ungrouped geometry on hidden tags, mixed tags.

The reason you can’t select and assign that geometry is it is the ‘Profiles’ of some geometry, not the geometry itself.

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I do. Do I need to group it then?

I will next time, gonna save for today and go home. Thanks Box :smiley:

Tags should only be assigned to groups, components dimensions etc, never raw geometry.


And be aware that if you explode a group or component with an attached tag, SketchUp violates our guidance and assigns the tag to the now loose contents of the exploded container. This behavior was programmed into SketchUp from the first use of layers, before the bad implications of tagging edges and faces was well understood. Despite years of complaints, it remains.


And because of what @slbaumgartner wrote about, the very next step after exploding a component or group to raw geometry should be to untag the geometry while it is still selected.


Thanks guys.
I just forgot to group it, will do it when I next get a chance.

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