I got a notification that my annual subscription would be charged on December 6th. I made a reminder to cancel by today, the 5th. What actually happened was that I was charged today. I live in the US, and nowhere in the 50 states is its midnight yet. And this was charged early evening in my timezone. So it’s not a time zone issue. And now, for the life of me, I can’t figure out where to cancel this subscription and request a refund. Am I missing something? Because if not, this is unethical. Not only can’t I cancel at will, but I was charged ahead of the date I was told I would be. In a time like now, suppose I needed this money for my family? How long will I need to wait before this is remedied? Please assist.

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I got a tríal versión today before I realized it was not compatible with my iPad. I just want to unsubscribe ASAP an I can’t find any way, or even a contact to ask. I would need as well to know how to cancel or undo. Thanks

The trial version will expire by itself.