Can you convert multiple faces into a single mesh without using sandbox?


Just curious if you can make a mesh out of multiple faces without using the sandbox tools. I’m working with tin surfaces already built in another program which come in as faces and want to rebuild it without using sandbox tool, which tends to grab some wrong points.


You want to rebuild it or just want to soften the edges (window -> soften edges)?


are the surfaces you’re importing coming in as separate groups? if so, select them then right-click -> Explode…

this will allow all the other surfaces to merge into one single mesh (assuming the edges are shared).

otherwise, your question might require some more explaining or perhaps upload the .skp here so people can see what your’e talking about


To address your question directly, yes, you can stitch any number of individual faces together, typically using the Line tool, provided all the faces are in the same context.

None of the Sandbox tools is particularly well suited to this task, so I guess it’s just as well that you don’t want to use them for it, although now that you’ve discovered that the Sandbox tools “grab some wrong points,” you should probably look into it: I suspect user error, but obviously there’s not enough information to support any conclusion.

I suspect that, after all, you were looking for more than just a Yes or No answer. So, to join the chorus of requests for more information, I will add that we need to know your objective and exactly what you’re dealing with to get you there from where you are.



Soften edges is it! Thank you all for your input!