Can SU 2015 plugin be used in SU 2016?



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@cb94030, As the plugins may not be compatible with SU 2016, we recommend that you install them from extension warehouse.


Thank you yogesh.
As I have quite a few plugins, is there a way to know if they are
compatible to 2016 or not?


I must disagree somewhat with @yogesh

In general, never manually copy files across from older Plugins folders…
As far as we know ALL extensions/plugins which worked OK in v2015 should also work in v2016.
HOWEVER, if you do NOT have the Preferences > Extensions Policy set to ‘Uncertified’, most of them will NOT load/work - BECAUSE very few have been ‘signed’ for full v2016 load-ability [thus far].
You can also not be assured that this ‘Unrestricted’ policy will always exist - so get ‘signed’ RBZs whenever available.
If you install from the EWH their RBZs should still install, load and work.
Because most of these are still unsigned they will probably be marked as potentially incompatible, so you might be forced into doing this process individually.
RBZ files which are only available from SketchUcation’s PluginStore can also be installed into v2016 and should load with similar success. However, the PluginStore [or the testing ExtensionStore3] has a ‘Bundles’ function, so provided that you have previously used to tool in v2015, it will give you a list of PluginStore files installed of that, and you can use that to AutoInstall those into v2016 - you can also edit the Bundle to install just what you’d like to go into v2016…
In the SCF PluginStore you will already find several signed RBZs already available for download/install - including the new ExtensionStore3 itself, all of Fredo’s tools and his required Lib, and several of my own plugins and so on…
More will follow shortly - but there is no immediate panic because running in ‘Unrestricted’ policy they all should work anyway.
BUT, the proverbial WILL undoubtedly hit the fan is that policy is eventually phased out, after which only ‘signed’ files will load…

SketchUp 2016: Inference updates and feedback

I got all my 2015’s into 2016 and I have not had an issue (fingers crossed) I did have to update Fredo’s Lib6 library.
In 2015 under Window>Preferences>Files the last one is App Data Roaming. I am on PC and as you can see I have all my 2015 plugins, I copied all the folders and pasted them into 2016. I did have to load some from SketchUcation site and got the warnings from the Extension Warehouse for the Chris Fullmer plug-ins. I even got all my key board shortcuts and even the Extensions Tab is there that was not, after I added the new license info from my email. I am no computer guru…Just lucky and all Extensions and plug-ins seam fine!! BUT WILL SEE!!


Apparently Visualizer does not load properly under SU2016. This rendering plugin must be installed separately through its own .exe file and it worked perfectly with SU2015 and previous versions. The software is currently no longer in production although it remains available online at no cost.

I have been unsuccessful in getting Visualizer to run or to display the toolbar for the plugin under SU2016 although it registers as an installed program in the Control Panel. Has anyone else experienced this with the new release of SU?


Visualizer works fine in non-secure mode…

I moved the old one manually, to my User Plugins folder and it worked…



john, What do you mean by “non-secure mode”?


the last of the new ‘Extension Policy’ choices…
any non-updated Extensions will need this ‘mode’ to run…
Visualizer can’t be updated as development is frozen…
so unless Trimble SU buy it, or it becomes open-source you need this mode…