Can someone help me with this texture?

Hello everyone!

I recently downloaded a pouf model from the SketchUp Warehouse and I’m having trouble applying a specific material to it. The material doesn’t look the way I want it to, and I’m unsure how to achieve the desired effect. Should I be using V-Ray Fur for this?

Additionally, I’m struggling with properly mapping the texture onto the model. Any guidance or tips would be greatly appreciated. I’ve attached the texture image I used, my model, and a reference image for context.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Pink Corduroy Pouf - HELP.stl (4.1 MB)

How exactly do you try to apply the new texture and what error does it give you?

The SKP model you downloaded has a UV map and if so, what does the original texture look like?

The texture is not seamless.

You shared an STL file.

Depending on what the model you have looks like and if it’s UV unwrapped and has a UV map, if you apply a seamless texture it should come out ok.

I imported the stl file into Blender, created seams and UV unwrapped the model, and then applied your texture (it’s not seamless).