Can not retreive 2019 Sketchup from 2022 Sketchup

We have been programming in Sketchup for over 5 years. These are precision programs that we need. My students have been saving our program files just by leaving them in Sketchup and retrieving them next time they use Sketchup by retrieving those files from “recent files”. This has been occurring over several years, as recently as Sketchup 2019 to June of 2022. With the new lease for Sketchup 2022, it no longer showed any programs in recent files. We can not retrieve them. We do not know where they went. They are not on our computer. We would like advice on how to retrieve them. There are two caveats, one is that we changed the Sketchup account file name from the business managers file name to the lab supervisors file name. Secondly, we had to change from a Windows 7 computer to a Windows 10 computer because Sketchup 2022 would not download on the Windows 7 software. We need advice to retrieve these files that are critical for us to continue our progress. These are precision files and when we make modifications, we have to keep all other aspects of the environments identical. It is critical for the work we do. We would appreciate any help you could give us. We can not move forward without obtaining those files. Thank you

Presumably you mean models?

If your students were using SketchUp 2019 on Windows, the default location for saving those files would be the user’s My Documents folder on the computer they were using. The models would not be saved within the SketchUp program folder.

If the files were saved in the user’s My Documents folder and if that folder still exists it would be reasonable to expect to see the files there.

I hope you still have that computer! The saved SKP files are probably on it.


You were asking basically the same thing in your earlier thread.
It boils down to you not understanding the difference between software and files.
Sketchup is the software that is used to create the files that are the models. Those files have file names ending in .skp and are just blocks of data that can be read by the software.
The files you created for all those years are stored as .skp files in the Windows Explorer file structure of the Windows 7 machine. They can be retrieved from that computer without having to have a working version of sketchup on that machine. They are just lumps of data and can be copied onto a thumb drive to move to the new computer.
There must be someone in your university that understands how to find .skp files on the old PC and copy them to the new PC for you.
To put it in an analog way, you have lots of books on shelves in your room that you read all the time. You install a new set of shelves but find you can read the books anymore as they aren’t on the new shelves. Well you need to move them from the old shelves to the new shelves before you can read them from there. The books haven’t change, just the location.