Can I use Sefaira in Revit with a subscription to SketchUp Studio?

Do you need to have SketchUp Studio to use Sefaira in Revit, or can you subscribe to it solely?

Hi @MikeWayzovski

Thanks for reaching out. The Sefaira integration with Revit will work regardless of the way your Sefaira account has been licensed whether it be through the Studio subscription or via a stand alone Sefaira subscription.

We encourage new customers to use the Studio subscription bundle as it gives them the same if not more functionality at a lesser cost. I can connect you to someone on the sales team if you would like to have a conversation with them about the details?


Thnx for the reply, I was merely asking because there were some changes on the website, and it wasn’t clear if it was still possible. Most customers in our region think that Sefaira cannot handle local rules or handle things like “What if we integrate low-tempature heat pump?” Etc. Some examples would be nice…

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@MikeWayzovski yep absolutely. I think that we can do a better job of communicating the capabilities of the software more. Certainly your feedback is well received.

Sefaira, while the plugin defaults to certain mechanical systems based on the space use type, offers more granularity and flexibility to the user once the SketchUp model is uploaded to the Sefaira web interface (which is included in the subscription). The web interface is where the user has the ability to select from 15 different mechanical systems (Majority of the ASHRAE 90.1 system types) and the Water Source Heat Pump option can be modified within the web interface to serve as a Ground Source Heat Pump as well.

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