Can I flatten a 3D object using the Online (not the Pro) version of SketchUp?


Are the extensions that unwrap and flatten a 3D object available in the online version of SketchUp? I see that there are 600+ extensions that are not included in the online version, but would there be an option for me to adapt my file and see it flattened so I can export the vectors, add my own tabs and make paper models out of my 3D SketchUp renderings? Before I go to the trouble of purchasing the online subscription I want to ensure it does what I need it to do. I’m also concerned that the online version doesn’t allow you to export a PDF. Will it export an eps or svg file… a vector file that I can open and make minor changes to in Illustrator?

Thank you in advance for any information. I’ve been monkeying around with the free web version and while limited, it’s already proving to be somewhat easy to learn.


No. The online version of SketchUp are not currently set up to use extensions. You need a desktop version to use them. If you are using Sketchup non-commercially you could use SketchUp 2017 Make. If this is for part of your work then you need SketchUp Pro. You can download either one here:


Thanks for weighing in Dave. So, there is no functionality at all built into the “online” version (an existing feature) that would allow me to flatten and unwrap a 3D shape? Any idea if the online version allows for exporting to a vector file format? EPS, SVG?


You could flatten it manually with the Rotate tool and some patience.

No vector export with the free versions. You need Pro or Shop for that. But Shop being an online version also has no way to use extensions currently.


Thanks Dave. I appreciate you taking the time.