Can I employ you?

A thread earlier today gave me an idea.

I often digitally scan an elevation or 2 of a building then model those elevation/s from the point cloud before adding a structure to it.

I would love to find somebody who could model the property from the point cloud for me in SketchUp to save me that part of the job.

Obviously you would need import the point cloud into SketchUp using a plugin like Undet or Scan Essentials.

If anybody is interested please let me know.

Thanks, Kevin

Be very wary of who replies.


Scanning structures … and then developing a SketchUp model is very doable … but am not so sure about scanning terrain. In my experience the terrain detail required for architectural site work can only be provided by a topo-survey … perhaps because all of the various scanning techniques have trouble differentiating between the actual ground and the foliage on the ground. You might try contacting Daniel Tal … a noted, reward winning landscape architect who is also a recognized SketchUp aficionado. My guess he will have a knowledgeable opinion on this topic.


E. Godsey
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Thanks you for your reply.

I probably didn’t make it clear in my post, but my intension is to continue doing the site scans myself using a Faro Focus 3D laser to create a point cloud which I will supply in E57 format.

I am looking for somebody to model the building for me from the point cloud.


Yes, you can employ me. Just sent you a PM.

Thank you.

I have sent a reply.

Did a lot of undet back then. data-wise, you need to zoom back and forth as well as refer to images to understand what are the cloud points forming into. if not, you are just working with a bunch of floating points. Yes, it did have tools to form planes in between cloudpoints, for example the wall in real life is 5m away, but in the cloud points, you have scattered points that “forms” the wall, but you have to determine which is the best points resembles the wall. And you have to do that to each elements in the building.

Also, it sucks at determining the levels from external to interior. had to measure that manually.

Thanks for your reply.

I have now found somebody to help me.


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