Can I download Enscape on an i9 16in MacBook Pro?

I’m beginning interior decorating school this fall and need a laptop. I’m going for the MacBook Pro since I’m already in the ecosystem, and am willing to pay the extra money. What I want to know is which version of the computer I should get. I was told by my school that they recommend getting the previous gen i7, since the initial processing speed is actually faster than the i9 (2.6GHz for i7 vs 2.3GHZ for i9,) and that Enscape only downloads at speeds of 2.5GHz or more. But when I went to the Enscape website, they said get the latest possible model for MacBook Pro. Something that also confuses me is that even though the initial speed of the i9 is 2.3GHz, Apple has this thing called Turbo Boost which allows for speeds up to 4.8GHz under heavy load, but my school says that Enscape doesn’t consider Turbo Boost, it only considers the initial processing speed. Has anyone successfully used Enscape on an i9 MacBook Pro, and would recommend it to me? Thanks!

I will be happy if I’m wrong about this, but from what I can see Enscape doesn’t work with macOS, and they are recommending Bootcamp. I looked into what it takes to set that up, and I was very glad that our IT were able to do that for me.

Are you trying to get real time rendering of SketchUp models? Or does the school dictate that it must be Enscape? Twinmotion is worth looking into, it can import SketchUp models and give real time rendering effects.

About the older i7 and newer i9 MacBook Pro, I’m a good person to ask about that! My own MacBook Pro is a 16 inch, late 2019 i9 machine. It has 2 TB of SSD and 32 GB of RAM, as well as a better GPU. My work MacBook Pro is a 16 inch 2019 i7, with 512 GB SSD, 16 GB, and still a decent GPU.

Some things I do on the work machine are not as quick as my own machine. But, I suspect that some of the antivirus software in the work machine affects that. So far the i7 seems to run at a lower temperature, my lap is not burning as much as with my i9 machine.

The 8 cores in the i9 may be why it runs warmer than the 6 cores in the i7. What you said about overclocking may be true too. SketchUp is using one core, so whether you have 5 others to use elsewhere, or 7 others, may not matter. I have a lot of Adobe applications, and I have Parallels on the i9 machine, so I do often use all of the cores for other applications.

You’ll be interested to know that my i9 machine is at UPS right now. I am passing it on to a friend, and I will get by with my work i7 for the next few weeks. My plan is to replace it with an M2 MacBook Pro, should those appear in June. It won’t be able to run Bootcamp, but with Parallels it should be able to run the ARM version of Windows 10 natively, though I’m doubtful that Enscape will run under ARM.

Anyway, look at whether you must use Enscape, or if Twinmotion could do instead.

What’s the matter with the multiple replies you got to your same Q on the Enscape forum?

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I don’t think Turbo Boost means much for Enscape, but what you need to have is a dedicated graphics card (AMD in the case of a Mac). Turbo Boost benefits SketchUp performance, as it is a single threaded application that relies quite a lot on your CPU.

BTW, has anyone tried or used Enscape via Bootcamp on a Mac?

I ran it in Bootcamp for several months on my 2015 MBP i7 15" With SU2018? and Enscape 2.6? … It worked, but it was slowwwww and the models couldn’t be too complex.

Enscape relies on the graphic card’s memory and even with my current RTX2070 its 8Gb isn’t enough sometimes so what chance does an AMD Radeon Pro 5500M with 4GB stand.
I see that you can configure the MBP i9 with an 8Gb 5500M but you looking at around £3300 … that’s insane for a laptop and its still only a 5500M GPU. Whats more after about 10mins of running SU/Enscape the MBP/i9 will ramp up its fans to full blast and thermal throttle.

If a Mac is absolutely necessary and spending over £3k for a laptop is fine then get an M1 Mac for around £1000-1200 and then spend the remaining £2100-2300 on a gaming laptop with an RTX2070 or greater.
I feel confident in saying that investing any money in an Intel-based Mac in 2021 is a dumb thing to do, the M series of SOC is a game-changer.

Also … The drivers, it doesn’t matter how good/big/powerful a card physically is if the drivers are not optimized for it. The Bootcamp drivers for the MBP graphics card are written/supplied by Apple and are at best ‘adequate’. You can get tweaked ones from here but they only eek out a little more performance.