Can i display group name in model?


Every time i need to display the group name i need to draw 3d text on the object.

Is there anyway to just 1 click so that the group name can display on the object for many group?


Why not just put all your text labels on a layer and display the layer when you want to see them and turn it off when you don’t? You can even set up two scenes called, say, Labels and No Labels to make turning them on and off quick and easy.

(FYI, text is one of the few kinds of entities that you can safely put on a layer without first including in a group, since there are no interdependent faces and edges to risk splitting up.)

And by the way, that’s not 3D text that displays group names; it’s leader text.



:smile: i feel a little difficult when placing text / label on the object; cause the leader always run away. Wish to place the text at the desire surface. And the text always face to display… and same size when zoom in and out.

hope to get text eg. 3d text stick to the surface


And after i label it in group name then i need to label the group with text again :blush: feeling double work