Can I disable the PRO 30 day free trial?

Just installed SketchUp Make and the free Pro trial installed with it. I want to try out Make alone to see how well it meets my needs. Can I disable the Pro features, or at least know when I am using something that only works with Pro?

If you don’t want to use the pro-only features, ignore most of the file import and export options, Solid Tools, LayOut and Style Builder. That’ll cover most of it. Oh, and there are some pro-only extensions. Not many to be sure but just skip installing them if you come to them. And finally, don’t use SketchUp for any work-related drawing. SketchUp Make is for personal use only.

The Boolean Solid Tools are Pro only. But you should try them out before switching to Make’s manual “Intersect With” alternative.

Creating Dynamic Components with the Component Attributes “wizard” dialog, is a Pro only feature.

(And everything else Dave said.)

Yes, you can disable the Pro features (end the trial) in SketchUp Make 2015 and higher. (It is usually done by IT in large organizations, just after install.)

See: How to Skip Pro trial mode in SketchUp Make … substituting the correct version in the paths given.

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Yes, see this post: