Can anyone model realistic 3D plants?


Thanks Forester but monochrome didn’t help and I had to find a workaround to solve the problem.
I drew two equal rectangles and import on each my leaf as texture and reversed one, that made it and grouping each separately I was then able to fold my leaf, Yeah!
Resizing was also necessary and here is the result now:

So thanks again and if you want to have a wider look at my work with SketchUp:

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Perhaps you misunderstood me. I didn’t say to use monochrome.

When you import a png and it turns white after exploding, that’s what happens when the face style is set to monochrome. So I suggested you set it to “shaded with textures.”

I’m glad you figured out a workaround though! Also, I checked out you behance and you’re really talented. Your architectural models and art are amazing!


My wrong Forestr, I wrote monochrome meaning “shaded with texture”…but anyway I really tried but wasn’t successful.

Thanks for your kind words, it’s my pleasure to share!


Thank you GSTUDIOS :slight_smile:


Thanks for responding to my query Michael. Dynascape is not for me. Lovely render by the way :slight_smile:


Oops, I forgot to thank you for the link Eric.It does look promising, cheers :slight_smile:


Great work Forestr!
How adding about the bloom?


I was searching for that.

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