Camera & Target

Has someone made a camera with a target so the camera can be positioned at a specific height (eye level in a scene) and pivot around a known target, (maintain its view on an object) similar to 3D Max? I have used SketchUp’s scenes and played its animation, but its target view cannot be controlled very well.

Camera Stats Extension by MartinRinehart

does at leat what you are looking for.

Thanks for directing me to this plugin. I would certainly prefer a physical camera and a physical target to adjust rather than having to record data. It is not clear in the plugin how to recreate that data into another similar scene. Typically, I have copied lines to create new camera views along those lines in order to create the same camera view and target. I would prefer just to copy a physical camera and target to a new position. I would also like cameras to follow a defined path, such as along a curved path between camera positions rather than straight line transitions between camera positions.

there have been many plugins written to ‘follow’ paths, have a search and include SketchUcation in the search terms…

e.g. follow path plugin animation camera SketchUcation

yields a good selection…