Building Plans

Hello All

I am interested in using SketchUp to produce building plans. How would someone go about this?
Any help greatly appreciated

Sketchup is a 3D modeling software, to create building documentation the software you need to use is layout, it works together with sketchup, first you must create scenes of the different parts of the building, like floor plans, elevations, sections, details etc. then save your file and send it to layout, you must select a template, there a viewport will be on your paper whatever size you had chosen, you can modify that if you want, on the right of your screen you’ll see different trays, one of them says sketchup model, on this tray you can set your viewport, the line width of the image, the rendering method, the scale, the style, and from the 2022 version you can set the line style of the different tags you had on sketchup. The best thing about this software is that you make any change on sketchup it will change on the viewports. It requires a bit of practice but as sketchup this is a very intuitive software as well.