Bug with the Window and Door Move Tool

Take a look at this video and you will understand what I am getting at. I would like the draw method to smoothly move with the cursor.

Conceptual Speculation - I’m not a Ruby programmer!!

It looks like your arrow is appearing on the grid - and moving with the mouse, only when the mouse is close enough to ANY geometry that some kind of inference is being generated by SketchUp.

Could it be that the code you use to update the arrow only works when SketchUp’s inference engine isn’t returning a null value? Or that the observer only fires when there is an inference change?

Also wondering if you set the length snapping whilst the tool is active ?

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This is the hack that works (first few lines in the draw method of the tool):

if( @ip.valid? && @ip.display? )
  # @ip.draw(view)
  # @drawn = true

@drawn = true

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