[Bug] Measurement units in m are displayed as inches in 23.1.329 Win 64-bit / 23.1.328 Mac 64-bit

When choosing meters as the unit, it is not displayed correctly. Instead of “2 m,” “2"” (inches) is displayed. The problem occurs on both Windows and Mac.

units.layout (9.0 KB)

Problem is even bigger!

inches is used for the document size - even if not selected. If you put in cm, Layout is calculating a wrong size in inches!

Can not switch back to an older version. This bug has to be solved immediately.

This has been reported already. The developers are working on a fix.

It would help if the title of your thread described the actual problem you are seeing.

Changed the title!

Do you know how quickly something like this is solved normally? Do you know how to download recent minor versions?

I don’t know how quickly it will be solved. Do you still have the installer for 2023.0 in the Downloads folder on your computer? You could uninstall 2023.1 and use the old installer. Otherwise you’ll have to wait until @colin looks in. He may be able to provide a link to 2023.0 for you. It’s still quite early where he is so you’d need to be patient.

Another option might be to change to the English version. It shows metric suffixes for metric units.

I am curious how someone is not able to switch back to an older version? I always keep the previous version available in case I need it… and only remove it when I am good and ready (and usually when another new version comes out, so I always have redundancy).

I usually clean up installers about once every four or five years. I did that recently and deleted all 2022 and earlier installers.

That’s fair but I’m not talking about installers. I have 2021 still installed as I’m working in 2022. It’s long past time to remove it, but I will do that only when 23 (or 24) is useable and glitch free.

I follow the Sith rule of two.


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Oh yeah. I do still have 2022 and 2021 installed.


Changed to English! Thank you!

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Good deal. Hopefully that’ll keep you going until they can get a fix released.