[bug] fbx export fails if objects are not on default tag

SU 2021; just noticed a bug; any object that has a ‘tag’ other than ‘untagged’ will not export to fbx. No errors - just no export. If you change the object back to untagged again it exports fine.

Not happy - this has quite a big impact on my workflow. Normally I just use the same model for working drawings (LO) and for VR but this bug makes that process more a hassle - having to temporary change the object to ‘untagged’ - export - change it back to the custom tag - etc…

This sounds similar to a bug reported regarding .stl exports. If you make one of those other tags active will the objects that have that tag show in the export?

Not sure what you are asking bit if there’s any object in the selection that has something other than ‘untagged’ the export fails completely.
One box selected; ‘myCustomTag’ = no export
One box selected; ‘untagged’ = exports ok
Two boxes selected; one ‘untagged’, one ‘myCustomTag’ = no export

edit: I always and only use ‘export selected’

I wasn’t asking about selecting anything in the model. Try making a tag active instead of Untagged and make the export. Does the object that has that tag show in the export?

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  • not using export selected all exports fine - also the custom tags
  • changing the active tag to the custom tag and export selected works fine

edit: if you have nested ‘smart’ objects you’re really in trouble here. Only solution is to move everything to one layer (tag). Not happy at all with this bug. Many components have nested groups with specific tags for 2d (only visible on floorplans in layout, hidden in elevations and sections), details (only visible in 1:10, hidden in 1:50) etc etc. Due to this bug everything has to be put on untagged or the export wont work…

Thanks!!!, that works.

I set the tag active for the objects that I want to export, select everything (in that tag), and the export to fbx works, still a tiny bit of a hassle for when I start exporting for VR, but I guess that will work for now.