[BUG] Existing line is distorted by new line

It’s better if you take a look at the gif:


You are very slightly click-dragging when you start the new segment, which converts the existing line segment to a bezier curve. Arguably the wrong behavior, but the work-around is to be more precise with the mouse movements.

We have a feature request filed to increase the tolerance on the drag operation in the Path tool so that this is harder to do accidentally.


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Ah, I see that certain combinations of mouse position and object snapping may be distorting the mouse movement, which could be making this more likely to happen even without mouse movement.


Nice to hear from you again.

I cannot click any faster and I’m also relating this behaviour with all sort of inferences showing up.

I hope you can tweak this easily as most of the times I don’t even notice the distortion, though it’s there.

That would be great because I run on this exact same problem/bug every time I use LayOut.

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@VahePaulman It’s good to know I’m not alone. I thought I was going crazy. Marc assures me there will be a bug fix on this “soon.” He said to “stay tuned.” See link.

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It seems to be fixed on 2018

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I still use SU2016 at work but if this is fixed that’s really good news! This bug is so annoying!