Bring back Auto-save

It appears that SU has changed autosaves to “recovered files”. I like access to my “autosave" file so I can voluntarily rollback 5 minutes (not because of a crash). I find that using the mixed terminology of “auto-saved files” and “recovered files” to be very confusing, and could be leading to design confusion for the programming team as far as the intended purpose. To me, an autosave should have some permanence (at least until the next autosave) and be accessible to the user, where-as I wouldn’t expect that of a recovery file. Perhaps the SU team should have a discussion about the differences and value to the user of each concept. The preferences refer to it as “autosave”, but the explanations being put out there SketchUp Pro 2019 = Let's talk about Saving describe “recovered files”. Let’s start by getting the terminology straight and then recognize the value of user accessibility to their “autosaves”.