Bridge Railings Gradually Sinking into Support

Playground Nov 8~.skp (299.3 KB)

I drew out a bridge railing and saved it as a component. The first rail was on the right hand end of the arc support.

With the Move tool, I moved it towards the next guideline. On the way there I pressed ALT on my Mac to re-enter a copy at the original place. I dragged the rail left from the second guideline, pressing ALT on the way there.

This system continued until the left end of the bridge.

Each time I moved it, the rail sunk deeper into the red arc support.

How do I prevent the rails from continuously sinking deeper?


Well, as usual, no file means only a guess. if you want a better answer, you’ll have to share your file here so people can take a look.

I’d say select the right place.

From the look of it, when you did your first copy, you didn’t select the railing byt the exact point that was supposed to land on the destination you picked.

you selected a starting point a bit too high. or a destination a bit too low.

then again
and again
and again.
gradually sinking deeper and deeper.

The solution is quite imple, delete the copies and restart, but this time beware of both starting and ending points.

After I wrote the question, I figured out the answer. When moving, hold the cursor on the lowest corner of the rail.

BTW, I did include 2 screen shots and the SKP file. Perhaps it did not show up because I entered the files before I had written the text. Perhaps I should have written it after.


yes. they are here.
and they were enough for me to find the issue

But in general, if you need people to help, it’s better to provide the whole file, not just images. many things we can’t guess from images, are these groups, components, dynamic components, and so on and so on.

glad it’s sorted out :slight_smile: